The Advantages of US Nutritional Supplement Manufacturing for the Middle Eastern Marketplace

by Cassandra R. December 17, 2014

With the global economy expanding to connect a multitude of countries, especially with the ever-increasing use of the Internet, partnerships around the world have been created for a variety of industries. For the nutritional supplement industry, this is no different. Finding and pinpointing the many advantages of using an international dietary supplement contractor can be essential to business growth, such as sourcing from a country where quality is constantly maintained. 


Going Global in Nutritional Supplements Means Understanding the Diversity of Each Consumer Region

by Timothy R. December 04, 2014

Year-to-year market fluctuations with individual supplements aside, all general reports about the nutritional supplement industry have observed constant yearly growth. Projections for the future of this now massive global market remain bright, and the opportunity for market penetration remains advantageous, regardless of location and company size. Many companies find their niche and stick to it while still being able to make substantial profits. 


2013 CRN Consumer Survey on Dietary Supplements A Snapshot of the Nutritional Supplement User

by N/A December 02, 2014

This 2013 survey conducted by Ipsos Public Affairs and funded by the Council for Responsible Nutrition details the dietary supplement habits of consumers. The data gathered showcases the importance of the health-conscious consumer, who make up the majority of U.S adults who purchase nutritional supplements as part of a healthy lifestyle. Other helpful dietary facts include the types of supplements purchased, where supplements are purchased, when they started taking supplements, the reasons for their supplement habits, as well as where they place supplements for their daily or occasional use. 


Diet and Nutrition The Keys to Anti-Aging and How the Nutritional Supplement Industry Can Take Advantage

by Cassandra R. November 26, 2014

The pursuit of youth has been an elusive goal for many, no matter what age we live in. But with advances in technology and greater knowledge of how certain ingredients can help reverse the aging process, many consumers are looking for ways to maintain their youth and vitality through a number of nutritional avenues. With products aimed at general health and wellness, both private label companies and nutritional supplement contract manufacturers have ample opportunity to provide the anti-aging supplements demanded by consumers with the right promotional tools. 


The Answer to an Ever Changing Landscape of Consumer Needs Begins with a Capable Contract Manufacturer

by Timothy R. November 21, 2014

A nutritional supplement contract manufacturer has to cater to the many different needs of a dynamic customer base. An increasing focus on GMP’s, transparency, and ensuring quality are just some of the aspects in order for a contract manufacturer to meet consumers’ demands. As the nutritional supplement industry continues to expand with new and innovative technology, nutritional supplement contract manufacturers must continue to increase the scope of their capabilities. 


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