Considerations In Manufacturing Vitamins And Supplements

by Cassandra R. January 15, 2015

Despite global recessions and market-changing events, the dietary supplement industry has continued to rise. Even with the growth of public health awareness, many people are still bound by busy schedules that do not allow them to consume a fully balanced diet, leading them to rely on nutritional supplements for vitality and correcting vitamin deficiencies. This has expanded to all demographics, providing many lucrative opportunities for nutritional supplement companies.


The Multitude of Benefits in Magnesium Supplements and Their Growing Popularity

by Cassandra R. January 12, 2015

Once one of the most overlooked supplements in the health market, magnesium has seen a recent rise in the mineral category of nutritional supplements. As a natural mineral found mostly in our bones, this valuable substance depletes with time, making bones weaker and more prone to breaks and fractures, which can lead to disorders such as osteoporosis.


Dairy Nutrients Offers Growth for Nutritional Supplement and Food Products

by Cassandra R. December 31, 2014

The market for dairy products and supplements is far from becoming forgotten or stale. Having fueled the sports nutrition market for decades with traditional protein shakes and beverages, demand for dairy has continually been on the rise, corresponding with the growing global population. Currently, dairy makes up the largest portion of the global animal protein market, reaching a value of over $354 million in 2014. 


Immune Boosting Supplements Provide Viable Opportunity for the Dietary Supplement Business

by Cassandra R. December 30, 2014

As the winter season rolls in, many consumers are looking towards medications and supplements to help improve their immune systems. Colds, flu, fevers, and even fatigue can put strain on the body, especially during periods of stress as is the case with the holiday months. Consumers experiencing economic hardship are also foregoing routine health care and are turning to affordable supplements for self-care.


Understanding Powder Supplements: Developing Various Powder Formulations for a Long Held Nutritional Market Base

by Cassandra R. December 24, 2014

The appeal of water-soluble powder formulas is not just limited to athletes and fitness enthusiasts. In an industry where certain delivery forms are rising in popularity, from clear-coated softgels to sugar gummies for adults, powder formulas still have a strong foothold in the dietary supplement industry. The U.S. powder formula market in 2011 passed over $1 billion in sales and is only continuing to rise. 


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