Wake Up, Sleep Aid Retailers and Manufacturers

by Timothy R. April 16, 2015

Manufacturers and retailers of sleep aid products have never seen a brighter future as far as bottom-line projection is concerned. Even though studies suggest that every part of the body benefits from a healthy night’s rest, millions of people still fall short of getting sufficient amounts of sleep. For a society that is constantly on the job, on the go, or on the internet, getting help in shutting down each night has become a necessity for most people.


Vegetarian Supplements Overtaking the Nutritional Market

by Timothy R. April 09, 2015

Nutritional supplements, by their very definition, are used in conjunction with a consumer’s diet to enhance daily nutrition, as well as target specific areas of health. But eating habits in modern times are fragmented. Whether from food allergies, social or religious influences, or by pure choice, many people have food restrictions. Vegetarian/vegan diets, for example—while often considered a great choice for a healthy lifestyle—may still lack certain vitamins, minerals, and nutrients needed for optimal nutrition.


CoQ10’s Growing Influence in the Nutritional Supplement Industry

by Cassandra R. April 07, 2015

Antioxidants are more valued than ever in today’s collective health conscious, which is why antioxidant supplement manufacturers have been putting more emphasis on specific nutrients. Along with the rising trend in more balanced diets, daily exercise, and proper nutritional supplementation, antioxidants such as the popular CoQ10 have shown their worth when it comes to protecting cells from free radical damage. According to Grand View Research, Inc., dietary supplements are the main sources of CoQ10 for most consumers, accounting for 59.9% of the total market volume in 2013.


A Supplement’s Perceived Value Begins with Packaging

by Cassandra R. March 31, 2015

The role of packaging for nutritional supplement products has a much bigger impact on the industry than most people initially realize. Its primary functions—which are to protect the product from contamination and promote the brand image—involve strategies that are just as complex as the dietary supplement inside.


Keeping Consumer Trust in Nutritional Supplements

by Timothy R. March 13, 2015

The idea of clean eating and clean foods is nothing new. With products and trends like “all-natural” or “whole grain” becoming increasingly popular and synonymous with health as far back as the late 1980s, grocery chains, restaurants, and food chains have responded and seen staggering growth.


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