Sports Drinks and Whey Protein Isolate: a Nutritional Match

by Cassandra R. June 03, 2015

Sports nutrition continues to be a vast and varied sector within the dietary supplement industry. Appealing to athletes and casual fitness enthusiasts alike, it's crucial for marketers, distributors, and manufacturers to determine which ingredients are trending in the market. One such ingredient is whey protein isolate, a dairy protein that contains the highest amount of amino acids for better muscle support and recovery by quickening muscle protein synthesis. Recent studies conducted on whey protein have highlighted its popularity in a number of sports nutrition products, from traditional shakes to other delivery forms such as nutrition bars and sports drinks.


Why the Joint Supplement Industry Is Poised for a Breakthrough and How You Can Take Advantage

by Timothy R. May 29, 2015

Nothing can hinder a lifestyle like constant discomfort. Arthritis—in its many forms—is one of the most pervasive conditions in society today. Living with arthritis and enduring joint discomfort each day can become both mentally and physically debilitating. Unfortunately, prescription medications can be addictive and—in some cases—have only compounded the concerns for many. Temporary relief is not a definitive answer to preserving quality of life.


Vegetarian Softgels: Combining Clean Labeling and a Healthy Outlook

by Cassandra R. May 26, 2015

The steady rise of vegetarian softgel manufacturing has been in response to changing consumer trends in the market. With more health awareness and environmental concerns emerging throughout the past decade, people around the world are searching for healthier options to accommodate their lifestyle, spending power, and nutrition.Vegetarian softgels meet this demand through advanced, stable manufacturing and ingredients that avoid the animal by-products of traditional softgels. With the right marketing and a key understanding of what vegetarian supplements can offer, distributors can take advantage of this growing market for consumers actively looking for alternative options.


Unique Selling Points for Vegetarian Softgels

by Insights Team May 04, 2015

Using plant-based technology, vegetarian softgels present a highly viable option for your brand and your market's needs in a variety of sizes and color options.


The Most Promising Minerals in the Current Market for Optimal Health

by Cassandra R. May 01, 2015

Essential for a number of chemical reactions and functions in the body, mineral supplements make up a large part of the dietary supplement market. Back in 2009, the Nutrition Business Journal (NBJ) reported that finished products in the minerals category totaled over $2.1 billion around the world. Sales continued to reach staggering heights in later years.


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