Trending Nutricosmetics: Beauty from Within

by Timothy R. August 13, 2015

Expansion of the global skin care market is nothing new. According to research by Statistia, the global skin care market grew from $99 billion in 2012 to $121 billion as of 2015. Future projections look even brighter, as continued growth is expected, with the estimated global value reaching $154 billion by the year 2021.


The Future Treatment of Systemic Inflammation

by Timothy R. July 21, 2015

Many areas of health that seem unrelated at first glance often have underlying factors connecting them at their core. Understanding this connectivity is a key part of developing, manufacturing, and marketing supplements, vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to both educate the consumer and provide the means necessary to alleviate the issues at hand.


Why an Increase of Seniors, More Active Lifestyles, and Longer Lifespans Means Success for Nutritional Supplement Companies

by Timothy R. July 06, 2015

Even as more young people turn to supplements to improve their nutrition these days, it’s the aging population that still dominates the landscape when it comes to the nutritional supplement industry.


Vitamin Labels for Successful Products

by Timothy R. June 19, 2015

Within the nutritional supplement industry, attracting consumers is a multifaceted project. While the core of a company's success lies in the quality of the product—which includes its ingredients, formulation, R&D, etc.—this remains only half the battle. No matter how great a formula is, if it's blandly packaged and poorly labeled, your bottom line is going to suffer. However, creating a successful label under current regulations and in such a competitive market is a complex process in itself.


Responding to Consumer Demand for Non-GMO Supplements

by Cassandra R. June 09, 2015

Consumer demand for more “all-natural” or organic products on the shelves, as opposed to genetically modified organisms (GMOs), has made waves in the nutritional supplement industry. Along with clean-labeling practices and business-customer transparency, non-GMO products have steadily made an impact on customer purchasing decisions. According to the Non-GMO Project Product Verification Program (PVP), over 15,000 products in the United States are considered non-GMO, which represents more than $5 billion in sales. The PVP is the fastest-growing label trend in natural products history with a number of manufacturers striving to meet its stringent requirements.


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