Your Vegetarian Softgel Manufacturer's Ingredients for Success

by Cassandra R. January 20, 2016

As vegetarianism expands, nutritional supplement manufacturers must be aware of specific ingredients that can be marketed towards vegetarian consumers. The addition of vegetarian softgels makes this task easier. Recent market studies and consumer polls indicate that vegetarianism has more influence over the current nutritional sphere than ever before. Many consumers are switching towards a more vegetable-based diet due to factors such as the environment, animal welfare, and general food safety.


Supplement Manufacturers Depend on Reliable Ingredient Suppliers

by Cassandra R. January 08, 2016

Assessing the qualifications of dietary ingredient suppliers can be both a lengthy and complicated process. Although the FDA has implemented GMP, or good manufacturing practices, for supplement manufacturers since 2007, similar regulations have not been enforced on the supply side of the industry. This is especially so for ingredient suppliers that operate outside of the United States.


Carrageenan: The Natural Food Additive for the Nutritional Industry

by Cassandra R. December 14, 2015

The carrageenan ingredient is a natural food additive that has been routinely used in a wide variety of consumer products. In food and beverages, it is utilized as a stabilizing agent and its market sales were valued at $640 million worldwide back in 2012 according to a report by CyberColloids. Yet, despite its widespread presence in manufacturing and production, there has been some upheaval and concerns over carrageenan's safety and how its nutritional makeup might affect humans who regularly consume products that contain it.


The Trending Antioxidant King: Astaxanthin Supplements

by Cassandra R. December 07, 2015

As the latest in antioxidant trends, astaxanthin supplements are finding their place in the world of health and nutrition. The global astaxanthin market alone was estimated to be around $447 million in 2014 and is expected to increase to over $1 billion by 2020, according to ReportLinker. Used in a number of applications, including cosmetics, fortified foods, and beverages, companies are advertising this super nutrient at the forefront.


Going Global: How to Successfully Import Vitamins and Supplements

by Timothy R. November 13, 2015

Before a popular supplement starts flying off the shelves of different stores around the world, the backstory of how it got there can be the bridge to building a successful product line. Global supplement sales can greatly expand the scope of a nutritional supplement company, increasing a company's international reach and opening up opportunities to reach new demographics.


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