Delivery Methods for Nutritional Supplements: How Form and Function Are Changing in Today's Market

by Timothy R. January 23, 2014

It is no secret that consumers want it all: A high-quality, fast-acting product with noticeable results, without any side effects, that can be conveniently integrated into daily life. While the focus on a product’s formula gets all the attention, knowledgeable consumers and manufacturers understand that delivery forms can be just as important to a product’s potency and effectiveness


Turn Winter Supplement Trends Into an Opportunity

by Timothy R. January 15, 2014

The yearly cycle of traditional New Year’s resolutions ushers in an annual spike in self-improvement and health-related nutritional supplements. This time of year can be especially bountiful for nutritional supplement manufacturers, the distributors who work with them, and the retailers who market and sell these products in their stores.


Private Label Vs. Contract Manufacturing

by Timothy R. January 13, 2014

Many consumers assume that formulating nutraceuticals is easy and straight forward, with one company responsible for the entirety of the process; however this is not the case. This process of producing a formula, manufacturing the softgels, tablets, or capsules, as well as providing the labeling and distribution, can sometimes be an expensive challenge for just one company to handle.


Sports Nutrition and the Value in Fueling the Ever

by Timothy R. January 12, 2014

The definition of athlete has undergone major fundamental changes over time. With continual advances in home exercise equipment and the growth of 24-hour gyms, many people are realizing the benefits of consistent physical activity. The modern athlete’s workout can range from body building and muscle growth to fat-burning workouts which have also fueled a healthy growth in sports nutrition industry.


Building Trust in Your Contract Manufacturer

by Timothy R. January 11, 2014

Global market trends have forecasted a continued increase in demand within the nutritional supplement industry of 7.2% yearly, reaching almost $23.7 billion by the year 2015. Nutritional supplements have come to a crossroad where quality assurance is the key for the industry’s successful future. Proper adherence to oversight and high standards will help the industry take the next credible step in supporting the health of future generations.


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