The Growing Market of Nutritional Supplements in Brazil

by Timothy R. March 06, 2014

The nutritional supplement industry as a whole continues to refine its regulation process and expand its reach, dominating markets in North America as well as Canada, Europe, and Asia. But emerging market trends showing extensive growth can be found in South America and in particular, Brazil. With a developing middle class fueling the economy—driven predominately by agriculture and exports—Brazilians are turning their focus towards personal health and continue to extend their dominance of the South American nutritional supplement landscape. 


The Advantages of Choosing a US-Based Contract Manufacturer for Your Supplements

by Timothy R. February 27, 2014

For marketers and retailers looking to take advantage of the continual growth seen in the nutritional supplement industry, one of the most important decisions in growing your brand is choosing a manufacturer that efficiently produces the high-quality products you desire. Deciding on a contract manufacturer can be the difference between a quality successful brand, or just another name on a shelf. But what do marketers, retailers, and private label companies look for in a contract manufacturer? And why is a US- based contract manufacturer the right choice for creating a quality product and a successful brand? 


Drive Sales by Building Your Own Brand through Private Labeling

by Timothy R. February 13, 2014

Building a successful business and brand would be simple if you had the timing and capabilities to corner a market early. Some of the most recognizable brands we see today (Apple, McDonald’s, Nike, Coke) became immensely successful because they were pioneers in their particular field. When you create your own market you most likely have the tools and the ability to dominate that market.


Going Global: Why European Nutritional Supplement Companies Should Use US Manufacturers

by Timothy R. February 07, 2014

Success of a business in the modern economy means finding the most efficient and profitable ways of increasing production and expanding into different markets. With the boom of technology, the Internet, and the onset of the digital age, more and more businesses are connecting across the globe and partnering up with other businesses that can provide vital services—at cost-efficient prices—to expand their brand awareness and increase their reach, production, and overall value.


The Rise of Probiotic Supplements and the Focus on Digestive Health

by Timothy R. January 31, 2014

The average American diet is lacking in certain nutritional qualities. The nutritional supplement industry has responded by focusing on research and development of new products and formulas to help assuage these shortcomings. However, diet is only part of the process. Good digestion and a healthy digestive system are crucial to the body's overall health.


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