Middle Class Opportunities: Why India Is the Next Hot Bed for Nutritional Supplement Companies

by Timothy R. August 11, 2014

As one of most prominent developing nations in the world, India's economy continues to consistently grow across the board. With the emergence of a strong upper and middle class, the lifestyles of the Indian population are changing at a quicker rate than expected. 


The Power of Private Labeling of Nutritional Supplements: Important Tips that Retailers and Brand Owners Need to Know

by Timothy R. August 01, 2014

The nutraceutical industry continues to grow as both consumer understanding of nutrition, and the landscape of the health and wellness industry changes. Pharmaceuticals dominated the landscape as recently as 15 years ago, but due to a shift in focus from prescription intervention to nutritional prevention through a healthy diet and lifestyle, the business opportunities within the health and wellness industry have undergone drastic changes. 


The Power of Resveratrol and How Nutritional Supplement Companies Can Capitalize on It

by Timothy R. July 25, 2014

Antioxidants have gained immense popularity within the nutritional supplement industry over the last decade. Containing anti-aging properties, they are known to aid cellular health and prevent oxidative stress by helping to fight free radicals. Many everyday vitamins—such as vitamin A, E, and C—as well as certain vegetables and fruits are known to contain antioxidant properties. 


Nutrition for the Future: Where Retailers and Private Labels can Look for their Next Big Opportunity

by Timothy R. July 18, 2014

The demographics of the nutritional supplement industry are commonly thought to skew towards the aging population. However, areas of supplementation have branched within the past decade. From sports nutrition to cosmetics, nutritional supplementation is now considered paramount to an everyday healthy lifestyle. But another growing section of the nutritional supplement industry should not be undervalued: Prenatal supplements. 


Choosing the Right Contract Manufacturer: The Most Crucial Decision Retailers and Private Label Distributors Can Make

by Timothy R. July 11, 2014

In the nutritional supplement industry having an idea for a product—or even the actual formulas ready to go—is only a small percentage of your company's success. Partnering with the right contract manufacturer may be the most crucial step for your business, as not all manufacturers have the capabilities to provide all the services you need at the quality and costs that are beneficial to your bottom line. From formulation to manufacturing to labeling and packaging, partnering with the right manufacturer presents a greater opportunity for your brand to grow. This allows you to concentrate on other crucial areas of your business such as marketing and sales because you won't be hampered by day-to-day operations. 


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