Looking Beyond Distribution by Setting Up Your Own Private Label Brand

by Timothy R. September 11, 2014

With the rise of private label branding comes the opportunity for many different types of businesses in the nutritional supplement industry to open new revenue streams, increase their brand recognition, and grow their business beyond their original core model. Whether you start out as a manufacturer, retailer, or distributor the advantages of private labeling can expand your business into new areas and offer high-value products with your brand name on it that can compete against some of the leading national brands. According to a 2008 report by the global business advisory firm, AlixPartners, from 1997 to 2005 the sales of private label brands grew at double the rate of national brands.


Using E-Commerce to Your Advantage to Drive Global Nutritional Supplement Sales

by Timothy R. September 05, 2014

Nutritional supplements continue to be one of the fastest-growing sectors of commerce in the world. Due to many variables with far-reaching implications including geographical location, disposable income, lifestyle, and culture, the growing push for personal health responsibility will be highly beneficial to nutritional supplement companies. Technology and connectivity are at the core of the expansion and understanding of health and nutritional supplements. The internet has changed the way the world does business and is reshaping the global economy. 


Nutrition and Beauty Merge to Create Lucrative Opportunities for Nutritional Supplements

by Timothy R. September 02, 2014

The mention of the word, cosmetics, often conjures the idea of makeup and beauty products that can heighten one's appearance. However, in the past several years a new kind of personal health care product has experienced growth in the United States and around the world: Nutricosmetics. These products are designed to combine beauty care and personal health into one through nutritional means. 


Consumer Health in Saudi Arabia Has Led to Favorable Opportunities for Nutritional Supplements

by Timothy R. August 22, 2014

Awareness in personal health around the world continues to gain traction. Recently, countries that have lagged behind the more prominent developed nations have seen a surge in interest in personal health and the means to explore greater health options. One of these countries is Saudi Arabia. Despite its tenuous geographical location, the people of Saudi Arabia have continued to experience increasing middle-class freedom and higher disposable incomes. This can not only lead to a healthier overall population, but it also presents an opportunity for retailers and distributors to penetrate a fledging market while it continues to trend upward. 


Using Seasonal Trends to Your Advantage to Drive Nutritional Supplement Sales

by Timothy R. August 15, 2014

Distributors and retailers looking for the most effective way to target consumers with certain nutritional supplements need only look at the season or time of year. Cold and flu season is one such time where consumers are looking for any and all methods to both prevent illness and relieve any symptoms they may already have. 


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