With the Protein Market Booming Nutritional Experts Fitness Gurus Celebrity Trainers and Gym Owners Can Take Advantage

by Timothy R. October 17, 2014

A general push towards greater personal health and wellness has been seen throughout the US in the wake of concerns over heart health, diabetes, and obesity. The rise of fitness groups and community gyms have also helped motivate people towards practicing consistent physical activity. However, a healthier lifestyle extends beyond just regular exercise. Daily nutrition and supplementing your workout with products such as protein supplements can also be highly beneficial—and necessary—to achieve your desired fitness results. 


How to Break Into and Make Your Mark on the Nutritional Supplement Industry

by Timothy R. October 10, 2014

Over the past 10 years, even through the economic downturn, the nutritional supplement industry has continued to experience growth and expansion. As mentioned in previous articles, successful nutritional supplement companies must be innovative, fluid, and adaptive. As a relatively new industry, it has experienced its share of regulatory changes and internal shakeups from within. However, as personal health responsibility becomes increasingly influential in consumers’ everyday lifestyles, opportunities exist for many to start their own nutritional supplement businesses. While starting a business may seem overwhelming, breaking it down into clear, achievable steps can allow existing companies to become more dynamic within the health industry, or help new startups get their foot in the door and off to a fast, successful start. 


Keeping an Eye on Vision Health to Boost Nutritional Supplement Sales

by Timothy R. October 03, 2014

Eye health sometimes gets lost in the shuffle of other more pertinent areas of daily health care. However, it is still a very lucrative channel of opportunity for retailers in the nutritional supplement industry. Vision problems affect a large portion of the population. Over 150 million Americans alone wear eyeglasses or contact lenses to correct refractive problems such as near- or farsightedness. While many of those people resort to corrective lenses and even surgery, there are many vitamins and minerals in the form of nutritional supplements that can naturally support the eyes. 


Innovation Thru Tradition: How Herbal-Based Ingredients Can Help Push Nutritional Supplement Sales

by Timothy R. September 26, 2014

The combination of technology and traditional herbal ingredients has allowed the nutritional supplement industry as a whole to continue its expansion across the globe. Herbal ingredients found in nature have been utilized for thousands of years by different cultures in different parts of the world. Through a rise in personal health care, fueled by increasing costs of insurance and the desire to enact real lifestyle change by individuals, herbal supplements continue to rise in prominence as an everyday means of supporting greater health. 


A Look at the Finer Points and Questions to ask When Choosing a Contract Manufacturer for Nutritional Supplements

by Timothy R. September 22, 2014

The fluidity of consumer health demands, continuing innovation in technology and products, and the rise of health awareness across the globe has continued to shape the way nutritional supplement companies grow. This balance is hard enough in an ever-changing industry, but having the capabilities, resources, and logistics to successfully source, formulate, manufacture, label, ship, and retail under one roof is nearly impossible today. One important relationship that is crucial to a company’s success is partnering with the right nutritional supplement contract manufacturer.


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