When Fat Doesnt Mean What We Think and Why Nutritional Supplement Fatty Acids Are Lucrative Products for the Future

by Timothy R. November 14, 2014

Food culture has undergone a large overhaul in the last two decades. Driven by the need to address health concerns and symptom management, the focus has shifted towards supporting a more natural, healthy lifestyle rather than continually turning to medications to fix a problem. This is not to diminish the importance of modern medicine, but as far as trying to adhere to a healthy diet, the discovery of what is “good” for the body continues to evolve. 


The Growing Gluten Free Market Can Be Beneficial to the Supplement Industry

by Cassandra R. November 13, 2014

Out of the many diets that have risen and fallen over the past two decades, the gluten-free diet has steadily gained a firm foothold in the mind of many consumers. Whether followed for medical reasons, current diet trends, or for general wellness, its mainstream popularity has created a vast array of marketing opportunities for the nutritional supplement industry. In order to avoid vitamin deficiencies resulting from the restrictions of this diet, many businesses have stepped in to meet the needs of the growing gluten-free market. 


A Growing Partnership between Health and Beauty Why Innovative Skincare Products are a Lucrative Business Choice

by Timothy R. November 10, 2014

osmetics and skincare products have continued to experience worldwide market growth, which is why starting your own skincare product line can be the next lucrative venture for your nutritional supplement business. The idea of integrating health and beauty has taken on a life of its own and businesses understanding the importance of diversifying their market reach have the opportunity to take advantage of the profitable projections forecasted for the global skincare industry over the next five years. 


Improving Your Brand Making Your Labels Cleaner and Clearer for a More Desirable Product

by Timothy R. October 31, 2014

For many consumers, searching for the right supplement has to start somewhere. In such a saturated industry there are many things nutritional supplement companies, manufacturers, private labels, etc. can do to help make their product stand out from the rest. Inherently, it starts with quality. Quality itself can be applied to many of the different facets that go into developing, manufacturing, labeling, packaging, and shipping the supplement from the laboratory to the retailer’s shelf. 


By Focusing on Leading Vitamins Minerals and Nutrients Private Labels Can Establish Early Brand Recognition

by Timothy R. October 24, 2014

Private label branding has become a crucial part of the business world in the last 20 years. Throughout all types of industries in the United States, according to AlixPartners Global Advisory, private label businesses grew at double the rate compared to national brands. In the same 2008 report, private label brands were, on average, 30% more cost-efficient than national brands. Within the nutritional supplement industry—one of the fastest-growing industries in the world—private labels continue to see success because of both the room for growth and the industry’s fragmented structure. 


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