RPI introduces Unique IS-2™ Probiotic Softgel in collaboration with B&D Nutritional Ingredients and Unique Biotech USA.

March 14, 2013

As a vitamin and supplement contract manufacturer, Robinson Pharma has made important advancements in the industry, now adding probiotic supplement manufacturing to our long and varied list of capabilities.

SANTA ANA, Calif.—Robinson Pharma Inc. (RPI) recently launched its new Unique IS-2™ Probiotic Softgel, an active, shelf-stable-guaranteed yield probiotic softgel

The softgel is a collaboration between RPI, B&D Nutritional Ingredients Inc., and Unique Biotech Ltd., India. It is based on the Unique IS-2 Bacillius coagulans strain, a bacterium that has shown high resistance to extreme temperature and humidity. The strain is resistant to gastric acids and can survive through the gastro-intestinal (GI) tract as well. “The specific challenges of creating a stable and active probiotic softgel is multifaceted and rigorous,” said Fred Jamee, senior vice president and chief quality officer at Robinson Pharma Inc. Robinson Pharma, Inc. is the largest softgel capacity manufacturer in the U.S. Our professional and innovative softgel production methods have allowed us to implement probiotic nutrients into this appealing delivery system for consumers worldwide.“First one must identify a strain type that has the potential to survive the manufacturing process. More challenging is testing for the presence and viability of the probiotic after encapsulation. Recovery of the active probiotic from the lipid matrix of a softgel is not easy. Finally and more rigorous still, is creating a product that can withstand the challenges of time, in this case passing an accelerated stability study.”

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